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Manage COVID risk in your units

A smart layer of added protection. After the vaccine, CO2 monitoring is fast becoming the global standard for managing COVID risk in enclosed spaces.

How do you make sure your staff and residents feel safe and secure? By showing them, see the demo.

Main features

1) Low Power, 2) Low Cost, 3) Ease Of Use, 4) Easy to Install 5) Accuracy and 6) Reliability

COVID Care allows you to manage that risk smartly: software integration delivers data that makes tracking and preempting disruption even easier, allowing you to be proactive in your COVID response.

Knowledge is power. Data is recorded and stored to be able to track trends and preempt disruption. Keeping CO2 levels down mitigates the risk of having to close business for exposure to outbreak and subsequent deep cleaning.


10 EnviroQ devices*

1 LPWAN Sigfox Gateway connected via 3/4G

1 year of 10 EnviroQ subscriptions

1 year of Sigfox Gateway lease

*you will need one device for every 60 square meters. Additional devices on request.

Independent Living in Rural Area

The starter pack with 10 devices are used to to monitor and measure efficiently Indoor Environmental Quality in the independent living village. The (EnviroQ/ThermalQ) devices are wirelessly connected to the network. You need 1 device per room / 1 per 60 sqm.

Rental option
Daily fee
Buying option
Daily fee
    Once we receive your signed paperwork we aim to have your services setup within five business days, subject to stock levels.
    There is no minimum length of time to have the eHomeCare service active. As payment of the ongoing fee is monthly in advance, all charges will stop when we receive the cancellation notice. However hardware leasing fees will continue until all equipment has been returned. For more information about Term and Termination, please see section 5 in the Terms of Use:
    Please keep the equipment in good condition by dusting and cleaning regularly to prevent dust and dirt building up.
    The system only requires a free powerpoint. Our solutions operate on mobile networks and it is not required to connect to your home phone. If you’re not sure, please feel free to contact us and we can help assess your situation.
    All prices are exclusive of GST, and subject to change due to hardware, software license and SIM mobile plans variations
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