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Independent Living

Care solutions that Independent Living (IL) providers and residents can use in smartly monitoring health and safety issues such as mobility, nutrition, toileting, hygiene and isolation

Regardless of size, appearance and types of services you provide, the residents in independent Living facilities tend to have an expectation that modern technologies are provided in their community setting to live their relatively active lives.

Reducing the pressure from time-consuming spot checks will increase staff productivity, minimise burnout, improve retention, while residents can maintain their sense of independence. Smart Care technology solutions can provide assistance with Personal Care, Home Health Care and Companionship, like:

- Personal safety alarm systems
- Telehealth
- Home health measurements in Transition care
- Remote supervision of personal care/daily activities
- Medication assistance
- Virtual Companionship
- Engaging in hobbies & interest

Able to assist in providing care for residents with early dementia, and other declining stages of disability, and keep all residents socializing together
- Ensure the right communication reaches the right people in the right places
- Reduce the risk of falls, and improve response.
- Communicate with families and give peace of mind their loved one is being cared for.

Maximise staff utilisation, improve your reputation, and keep a competitive edge by future proofing your current systems and creating additional revenue streams

Our clientele
79.5 yrs

is the average Age of our current Independent Living (IL) clients

14 Months

is the average time our current IL client base enjoys our services


of our IL clients are female


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