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In Home Care

Smart Care technologies that compliment home care services in monitoring health and safety issues such as mobility, nutrition, toileting, memory and isolation

Carers cannot come 24 hours/day into the home and provide services. Smart Care technology solutions can provide assistance with Personal Care, Home Health Care and Companionship, like:

- Personal safety alarm systems
- Telehealth
- Home health measurements in Transition care
- Remote supervision of personal care/daily activities
- Medication assistance
- Virtual Companionship
- Reminders
- Engaging in hobbies & interest

Assistive technology does not replace the carers, it extends their reach.

The services are usually paid a) directly by the person receiving care (private pay/self-funded), or b) government funded (eg. in a Home Care Package), c) a combination of both.

Our clientele
75.5 yrs

is the average Age of our current In Home Care (HC) clients

20 Months

is the average time our current HC client base enjoys our services


of our HC clients are female


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