The Connected Patient


OrbitaCONNECT. Prep, inform, and empower patients

Virtual Care with personalised education and support, pre- and post-visit.

Provide care throughout the patient journey with secure virtual assistants that enable patients to manage their health and treatments at home and beyond.

Improve care team efficiency & client experience and outcomes

Voice recognition software coupled with other voice assistant solutions like the Amazon Echo or Google Home can enable control and communication, very useful option when memory, fine motor skills and even eyesight starts to deteriorate.

Reduce burden on care teams by helping patients self-serve access to information and services they need, when they need it – while ensuring privacy and security of patient data in compliance with organizational and regulatory requirements.

Engage and delight patients with an intuitive conversational experience while ensuring adherence to established care plans through coaching, assessments, reminders, and care team communication.


Users can use voice-enabled technology in a natural way, without having to learn how to navigate through a device or to use apps and tools. They speak to their assistants like they would to other people.

This human approach makes voice revolutionary for:
-Satisfaction Surveys
-Wellness advice prompts
-Frequently Asked Questions
-Service Requests, etc

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