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The Ultimate Internet Safety Guide for Seniors

The internet can be a scary place, especially if you’re old enough to be able to remember dialing a rotary telephone! Many of the victims of complaints of cyber crime reported are over the age of 60.

One of our clients Olivia T found our site useful while searching for online safety tips for seniors, and she found another helpful guide and thought our other readers might be interested in it, so we have added it to our website.

This guide helped her understand how she can stay safe online with some really good tips and clear explanations. She hopes that you will find value!

In this guide, Ben Martens is going to explain the most common online threats facing seniors today, such as:

  • Viruses and malware.

  • Phishing.

  • Data breaches/password theft.

  • Social media scams.

  • Banking fraud.

  • Privacy violations.

  • And more…

Click here for access to the guide: The Ultimate Internet Safety Guide for Seniors (2022).

If the article will make you feel nervous (and you’re getting ready to unplug all of your devices and go back to your rotary phone), don’t worry! The vast majority of cyber attacks can be easily prevented with the proper tools, some basic education, and plain old common sense.

Enjoy Ben's ultimate internet safety guide for seniors for your one-stop shop for internet security assistance in 2022.



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