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Leverage existing WiFi installation to enable Care minutes reporting & Duress alerts in Aged Care

Internet of Things Technologies
Internet of Things Technologies

Leveraging Aruba WiFi installations – Better Together

Aged Care organisations across the world are looking for new opportunities to maximise efficiencies to both improve health outcomes and lower costs. To do so, many are looking to Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, including Real-Time Locations Services (RTLS), to measure Care minutes, enable Duress alerts, find and manage assets, staff, and residents across the Aged Care organisation.

Why Use HID's Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)?

HID Location Services platform is a networked service that provides real-time visibility of everything – nurses, residents and assets. Designed using an open standard Bluetooth® (BLE) to Wi-Fi network and cloud platform, care organisations can easily lay out the long-term foundation for future IoT applications, management, and everyday use.

Residential care facilities can quickly locate and monitor utilisation of valuable assets, under the same ecosystem without abandoning current application investments and avoiding excess inventory of mobile items.

Benefits include:

  • Automated care processes, compliance with regulators and improved resident experiences

  • Instant location of peers and other (clinical) staff members during emergencies with immediate notification to authorities if in duress

  • Real-time resident alerts and notifications to adhere to security best practices

  • Immediate location and tracking of assets and rental equipment

  • The ability to engage with residents & visitors through mobile wayfinding and other mobile communications

To achieve this, BEEKs™ Bluetooth Low Energy beacons in form of badges, wristbands or asset tracking devices are located by BLE to WiFi Gateways (BluFi™), which are deployed throughout the building and communicate with a cloud service for remote management and real-time location of assets.

BEEKs™ Bluetooth Low Energy beacons
BEEKs™ Bluetooth Low Energy beacons

Aruba WiFi Access Points Complement HID Location Services

Now often Care organisations have already deployed an infrastructure of WiFi Access points and utilising those to sense the Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, would reduce the number of BluFi devices to be deployed, speed-up installation and increase coverage.

Aruba and HID have partnered to integrate Aruba 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) and 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) wireless access points with HID’s BEEKs Bluetooth Low Energy tags and Cloud services. The integration and interoperability of Aruba with HID RTLS solutions helps to reduce cost and complexity by leveraging the existing Aruba wireless infrastructure which supports HID BLE communications directly.

IoT Solution Enablement. One System, Seamless Experience
IoT Solution Enablement. One System, Seamless Experience

Supplementing IoT data with contextual information from the network enables applications to become cognizant of, and responsive to, the environment containing occupants, assets, their service needs, security, and safety.

These are the tools necessary for optimising physical space and gaining the insights for improving workflows, resident experiences and increasing safety for residents, visitors, and staff.

A cost effective and secure way to deploy RTLS within closed environments is by leveraging the existing Aruba Wi-Fi network infrastructure. This has the benefit of amortising one capital investment across multiple services, as leveraging the Aruba Wi-Fi network for HID solutions eliminates incremental installation and maintenance costs of overlay networks supporting dedicated beacons and gateways.

Certified Interoperability

Aruba WiFi Access Points
Aruba WiFi Access Points

They have taken the guesswork out of deploying joint solutions by certifying the interoperability of HID’s RTLS platform with Aruba’s wireless infrastructure. This allows joint deployments to be setup faster and simplifies maintenance of the completed solution.


HID’s RTLS solution when integrated with Aruba Wi-Fi access point delivers valuable location services, supporting a multitude of indoor positioning-related use-cases in Aged Care. Highly scalable, these solutions solve accuracy and availability issues beyond the capabilities of GPS.

To learn more about HID RTLS Solutions and the Aruba integration:


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