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Apple accessibility features that make its products usable and customisable for anyone

Apple is leading the way with accessibility features on its products including iPhone and iPad, that are designed to make the devices still usable for people with vision, hearing, mobility and cognitive disabilities.

One of our readers found our Blogs useful while searching for online safety tips for seniors, and

she found another helpful article about accessibility in Apple products and thought our other readers might be interested in it, so we have added it to our website.

This article helped her understand how she can use features for:

  • vision,

  • hearing,

  • cognitive, and

  • mobility

that can be used by anyone with many providing a handy shortcut or a convenient new way to use the product, with some tips and clear explanations. She hopes that you will find value!


One in five Australians have a disability – that’s more than 4.4 million people.

And Australians are also aging into disability with 16 per cent of the population aged over 65.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, at age 65, Australians can expect to live, on average, over half of their remaining years with some level of disability.

With that in mind, it’s a good time to highlight some of many accessibility features Apple has created to give anybody with a disability to enjoy the features of their iPhone and iPad in their day to day usage and be equally empowered by the product as any able-bodied customer.

To read more about the four main features of vision, hearing, cognitive, and mobility, click here to read the full article: Apple Accessibility features

Enjoy Stephen Fenech useful article for seniors assistance in 2022.



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