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Working with eHomeCare gives you the opportunity to use your energy and skills to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable people in Australia. Become part of a team that is working to build and support stronger communities

Home-based Care Worker (=Care Companions)


eHomeCare is a new, fast growing and dynamic provider, and dedicated to providing the best in-Home Care Service. eHomeCare is enabling home-based care workers, using technologies, working part time, regionally and remotely, creating careers for nurturing, caring people in the community (mums, recently retirees, ex-family carers). 

Independent Living enabled by remote Home HealthCare

Our goal is to help our clients achieve the best quality of life possible. We understand that one solution does not fit every situation, so we take the time to listen and learn about each client’s needs and preferences.

eHomeCare services are designed to support people who are frail and aged, have a disability, are housebound or are recovering from an illness or accident, as well as their family caregivers. In this significant time of their lives all our clients prefer to stay in the familiar comfort of their own homes.

​This is more possible than ever before. We aim to redefine the landscape of home care by offering a flexible and affordable blend of in-home and remote care options that meet and adapt to a person’s particular needs. Our blended care approach is what the future of home healthcare is going to evolve into.

We are looking for carers who are willing to work remotely from home with our clients in Australia.

Make a difference as an eCompanion

The e in eCompanion Care stands for electronic. Caring companionship and conversation for emotional support by home-based care companions that 'connect’ remotely, as frequently as planned via video on an iPad with the client. The only thing the client needs to do is press the button to accept the incoming video call and the conversation can start. It is efficient as there is no travel time for the care worker.

eCompanions provide company for adults who live alone and are mobility restricted, temporarily or permanently. Sometimes called "elder companions," these aides keep daily a watchful eye out, remind of daily medications or outside temperature changes, maintain the care agenda, making appointments, read aloud, and discuss topics of interest; function as an extra set of eyes and feet for your loved one. Companion care is a growing subset of in-home care services.

Companion care is ideal for someone who would otherwise spend a large part of the day alone and who requires some light assistance. Family members can work or handle other activities knowing their loved one isn't left alone, providing a peace of mind. Companion care also provides a valuable social benefit, decreasing isolation and improving mood. Warm relationships are often formed when a consistent companion is on the job as talking to familiar people improves people’s connection, wellbeing and trust. eCompanions will also coordinate different Home Help services based on the client's care plan.

You will need to have

  • have a desire to improve outcomes for aged people and a caring personality

  • have a willingness to work behind the computer with a web camera

  • have a national police clearance

  • preferable; a Certificate III (or higher) in Individual Support (care specialisation), Aged Care, Home & Community Care or Disability, or equivalent experience.

Activities could include

  • A friendly voice to wake up the client each morning

  • Regular check your wellbeing during the day

  • Games to promote mental stimulation

  • Discussion of current and historic events to help sharpen memory

  • Reminiscing as an enjoyable pastime

  • Research something

  • Fulfill service requests for the client together with quality-approved service partners

  • Health reminders for eg. medications, hygiene & bathing, or blood sugar


Great staff benefits

On top of enjoying a great workplace culture, you will enjoy a variety of work benefits including:


  • Flexibility in an innovative environment

  • Working regionally and remotely from Home

  • Access to ongoing training and professional development

  • Empowered to make informed choices about services for your clients

  • Inspirational leadership


For more information about eHomeCare please visit

To apply

Please send your resume to

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