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The TV they feel comfortable using

The gateway can provide Entertainment services through a technology medium that this demographic interacts with on a daily basis. The Communication, Calendar, Surveys or Telehealth features might require centrally setup systems and usage licenses. See other uVue bundles for options.

Main features

Streaming or Catch-up TV. Subscription TV like Netflix or Video-On-Demand. Podcasts, Radio Stations, Audio Books and Games

Customised Messages to a single resident or to an entire village

Initial setup is done before it is posted, so installation is easy –  just plug in, turn it on. All remotely supported by our staff.


A Client Gateway plus a WEB Camera

An Air Remote / with microphone

Custom Device Manager and User Application Software

5v DC Power supply and HDMI Cable

*minimum 150 users. At lower quantity portal fee conditions apply

uVue Client kit

The uVue Client gateway is connected to a client's television using an HDMI cable and WiFi (or Ethernet). It is used to communicate and engage effectively with the elderly at-home, in the independent living village or the care facility.

Rental option
Daily fee
Buying option
Daily fee
    Once we receive your signed paperwork we aim to have your services setup within five business days, subject to stock levels.
    There is no minimum length of time to have the eHomeCare service active. As payment of the ongoing fee is monthly in advance, all charges will stop when we receive the cancellation notice. However hardware leasing fees will continue until all equipment has been returned. For more information about Term and Termination, please see section 5 in the Terms of Use:
    Please keep the equipment in good condition by dusting and cleaning regularly to prevent dust and dirt building up.
    The system only requires a free powerpoint. Our solutions operate on mobile networks and it is not required to connect to your home phone. If you’re not sure, please feel free to contact us and we can help assess your situation.
    All prices are exclusive of GST, and subject to change due to hardware, software license and SIM mobile plans variations
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