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Better safety than sorry

eCare Safety is our more safer in-home personal alarm bundle, providing a triple layer of care. Standard smoke detectors rely on you or someone to hear the alarm to respond. This unique solution is especially suited for situations when the user start to forget things, e.g. to turn off a water tap or take a pan off the stove. This alarm can notify our emergency response centre in case of a fire, flood or fall.

Main features

Distributed voice-activated speaker for eg. bed- or bathroom (VPD) that activates by calling out for help.

Advanced Fall detector pendant (EPA) with choice of design. Highest accuracy detection, industrywide

Early warning devices for smoke and water to reduce independent living risks


1 Wireless flood detector for high risk areas such as basements, washing machines, sinks and the like

1 wireless smoke detector with extreme temperature alert

1 Voice Panic Detector (VPD), plus 1 Emergency fall detector Pendant with design of choice

Emergency Response Base alarm, access to 24/7 emergency response centre, batteries, SIM card plan and technical support

eCare Safety

This bundle has 4 smart alerting devices that support the resident in notifying our response centre. Not only by a wearable fall detecting pendant or a voice activated 'bathroom' button for signalling emergency situations, this bundle also has a smoke detector and a flood detector. These smart devices increases their safety by notifying our emergency response centre in case of a fire or flood.

Rental option
Daily fee
Buying option
Daily fee
    Once we receive your signed paperwork we aim to have your services setup within five business days, subject to stock levels.
    There is no minimum length of time to have the eHomeCare service active. As payment of the ongoing fee is monthly in advance, all charges will stop when we receive the cancellation notice. However hardware leasing fees will continue until all equipment has been returned. For more information about Term and Termination, please see section 5 in the Terms of Use:
    Please keep the equipment in good condition by dusting and cleaning regularly to prevent dust and dirt building up.
    The system only requires a free powerpoint. Our solutions operate on mobile networks and it is not required to connect to your home phone. If you’re not sure, please feel free to contact us and we can help assess your situation.
    All prices are exclusive of GST, and subject to change due to hardware, software license and SIM mobile plans variations
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