The Virtual Bedside Assistant


OrbitaASSIST, supporting hands-free communication for clients and care teams

Developed in partnership with nurses

Unprecedented demands on the healthcare system call for new ways of delivering care to protect healthcare workers, reduce infection opportunities, and preserve personal protective equipment. OrbitaASSIST could support your COVID-19 Response...

“Let’s remember, it’s just voice – and that works perfectly for seniors"

Voice recognition software coupled with other voice assistant solutions like the Amazon Echo or Google Home can enable control and communication, very useful option when memory, fine motor skills and even eyesight starts to deteriorate:

-Hand free
-Intelligent interaction

Streamline communication and automate delegation
-Eliminate unnecessary trips to the bedside
-Enhance patient and care team communication
-Promote top-of-license practice


Users can use voice-enabled technology in a natural way, without having to learn how to navigate through a device or to use apps and tools. They speak to their assistants like they would to other people.

This human approach makes voice revolutionary for:
-Confirming requests and combat social isolation
-Smart-routing patient and care worker requests
-Zero-touch interface for safe communication
-Providing educational resources
-Delivering answers to FAQs
-Offering surveys and assessment tools

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