The Digital Front Door


OrbitaENGAGE, Drive engagement, scale operations, and improve access.

The Future of Patient Access

As clients increasingly rely on digital tools to navigate care, Orbita’s digital front door solution helps organisations streamline communication, engage new and existing clients, and automate client outreach through secure conversational chat and voice-powered self-service tools.

“Let’s remember, it’s just voice – and that works perfectly for seniors"

Voice recognition software coupled with other voice assistant solutions like the Amazon Echo or Google Home can enable control and communication, very useful option when memory, fine motor skills and even eyesight starts to deteriorate:

-Hand free
-Intelligent interaction

Nearly 90% of consumers use search engines when looking for care, making it critical for healthcare organisations to prioritise optimizing their online presence. Meet consumers where they are and increase market share in a brand-forward way with Orbita’s digital marketing, natural language search, and voice SEO capabilities.


Users can use voice-enabled technology in a natural way, without having to learn how to navigate through a device or to use apps and tools. They speak to their assistants like they would to other people.

This human approach makes voice revolutionary for:
-Satisfaction Surveys
-Wellness advice prompts
-Frequently Asked Questions
-Service Requests, etc

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