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Meet Dorothy T. She's a 76-year-old retired teacher who struggles with her weight and high blood pressure.

Dorothy has received a care plan created by her care coordinator in which her health goals are broken down into daily tasks; taking medication, measuring vital signs, doing exercise, viewing educational content on signs & symptoms, and taking health assessments.


She is empowered with a simplified 4G mobile device, an elegant watch, a wireless Blood Pressure (PB) sensor and smart scale that track her heart rate, sleep, steps, BP, weight, body fat percentage, BMI, bedroom temperature & CO2 levels, then automatically syncs those stats with an online graph via her mobile device.



Dorothy keeps track of all her insights, tasks and health data through her ENGAGE account, which helps her stay motivated and on track with her health goals. 


ENGAGE also provides her with interesting content about exercise, tips, and recipes. Best of all, her information is shared with her care circle, her care coordinator, and her alerts assessed by a 24-hour nurse outreach desk. She can request at any time a call-back and discuss her questions or concerns with a remote nurse through a video-call.

When she does not adhere to her care plan she is reminded by smart voice suggestions to influence a change in her behaviour like; to have breakfast if the fridge door has not been opened, or to go for a walk after sitting still too long in the living room.

Withings Scales


Blood Presssure sensor

Initially the remote patient management team was responsible for providing Dorothy with an education session and home meeting. This process ensured she had a clear understanding of their role in achieving her health goals as set out in her care plan. After a month, a technical savvy carer visited Dorothy in their home to discuss such things as when they should call a doctor and address any questions or concerns. Dorothy says the health care technician had time to listen to her concerns, answer her questions, take her temperature, blood pressure and other vitals.

Now engaged with her own treatment, Dorothy no longer needs to make frequent trips to her doctor for checkups as she has gone from weekly to bi-monthly visits. Her quality of care has improved, she feels happy and healthy, and costs have been reduced for both payer and provider.


Speak with one of our Consultants for implementation advice.

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