Shopping and Meals

Online grocery shopping and delivery

When you join eHomeCare we collect during the setup process your grocery preferences and brands, and create your personal online shopping list. The next time you need your favorite eggs, milk or bread you just tell your eCompanion the requested products and he or she will order your requested items from online grocery shops and have these delivered straight to your door.

Meals​ delivered to the door

Sometimes the pressures of life bought about by ill-health, a disability or depression impact on our motivation, desire or ability to cook. Often it’s the last thing we can or want to do, and by admitting we might need a little help our sense of independence can be challenged. Meals providers are often told, “I wish I’d got meals sooner”. A few decent meals a week make a huge difference. eHomeCare offers coordination of:

  • Meals on Wheels

  • Delivery of restaurant meals from cuisines like Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese or Indian

  • Fast food meals & delivery like pizza

  • Gifts from carers/family in the form of a nice or healthy meal

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We coordinate delivery of quality products from respected online providers. Get a huge choice of fresh groceries or meals delivered straight to your kitchen!. Contact us now for more information >> 
A common problem facing people adapting to changed circumstances is poor nutrition and or weight loss. Save stress; request quick & easy groceries and meals at eHomeCare

eHomeCare believes the best quality of life is achieved by living healthy and safely in the familiar comfort of one's own community for as long as possible. This lifestyle choice can be supported by smart care technology solutions to complement other aged and health care services. eHomeCare designs these solutions. 

Camberwell, Australia