Stay updated on a loved one’s health and activity levels

In addition to providing your loved one with traditional monitoring services, the eCare Family activity sensors, placed in the kitchen, bathroom and entrance, tracks the loved ones daily routines and exits/entries. The data is compiled in the shareable Family app. In addition to the insightful reports, it also send notifications directly to a mobile, e.g. being up-and-about, door left open or extreme room temperatures, to be constantly in-the-know about their well being.

Main features

Peace of mind with notifications of your loved ones activity throughout the day

Customise standard rule-base to alert specific activities, eg. too (in)frequent visits to kitchen or toilet

Upgradable with emergency alert accessories when the need arises in the future


Emergency Response Base alarm

2 Activity sensors and 1 door sensor

eCare Family app for all friends and family

Access to 24/7 emergency response centre, Batteries, SIM card plan and technical support

eCare Family

Combining the benefits of medical alert systems with activity monitoring, the eCare Family uses three, in-home safety sensors. This enables family, friends, and caregivers to stay updated on a loved one’s health and activity levels throughout the day. You will be alerted if the safety sensors detect that your loved one isn’t going about their normal routine or if they use their medical alert help button within 400 meters of the base station to contact our 24/7 monitoring centre.

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eHomeCare believes the best quality of life is achieved by living healthy and safely in the familiar comfort of one's own community for as long as possible. This lifestyle choice can be supported by smart care technology solutions to complement other aged and health care services. eHomeCare designs these solutions. 

Camberwell, Australia