Never walk alone

Give your loved ones the freedom to explore. Keep in touch throughout the day. Whether it’s a call to let them know you are running late or just a check to see they arrived or returned home safely, this GPS safety watch can give you peace of mind. We setup and personalise your device, then simply connect with your loved one when the watch is switched on and receiving a satellite or WiFi signal. It’s that easy!

Main features

Personalised, world's smallest GPS Safety watch, and tells the time in both analogue or digital format

Making Calls from the Watch, allows the wearer of the watch to call to the linked mobile phone numbers only

Friends & Family monitor Emergency alerts using an Australian designed tracking platform with a desktop or mobile option


The watch, with a touch screen for operation

Bring Your Own (BYO) nano SIM with at least 2MB of data, voice and SMS functionality

iOS or Android App that are free to download.

Locking pin & USB charger are optional

Please note that with this plan any technical support with regards to activation, credit and connectivity of your SIM will need to be carried out with the network provider you choose.

Watch + BYO SIM

A mobile personal alarm watch that works on 3G, GPS & WiFi so that you can locate and stay in touch with your loved one from your phone or your computer, from anywhere in the world. The voice feature allows the wearer of the watch to call the linked mobile phone numbers from their watch.

Rental option
Buying option


Once we receive your signed paperwork we aim to have your services setup within five business days, subject to stock levels.


There is no minimum length of time to have the service active, unless minimum contract period is specified. Service charges will stop when we receive the cancellation notice. However, if equipment is leased fees will continue until all equipment has been returned. For more details see section 9 in the Terms of Use.


Please keep the equipment in good condition by dusting and cleaning regularly to prevent dust and dirt building up.


The system only requires a free powerpoint. Our solutions operate on mobile networks and it is not required to connect to your home phone. If you’re not sure, please feel free to contact us and we can help assess your situation.


All prices are exclusive of GST, and subject to change due to hardware, software license and SIM mobile plans variations

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