Specially designed software for seniors

A Samsung 10 inch WiFi tablet, preloaded with Breezie software for seniors, unlimited Concierge Support and a unique Family Hub for families to personalise the tablet remotely. It has common apps such as Facebook, Skype, YouTube (and any other app you may want to add) but without the clutter and confusion of a standard tablet.
Users can call or email the Breezie Concierge team straight from their tablet to receive unlimited support from basic tasks (how to email) to more complex ones.

Main features

Specially designed software for seniors, preloaded with senior-friendly interface and apps

Personalised interface setup based on ability, hobbies, and interests

Free guidance to get started, access to the Family Hub for remote help, and unlimited Concierge Service.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 WiFi tablet with Breezie installed

You have to provide your own internet connection and WiFi

Easy-to-use magnetic charging cable, 360 rotate case cover & Stylus pen

Tempered glass screen protector & simplification stickers

* Leasing a WiFI tablet is not an option but you can Bring Your Own (BYO) tablet, however it has to meet our specifications of supported Samsung models

Breezie WiFi

Breezie is a simplified touch screen tablet solution specially designed for seniors who are less familiar with technology. Breezie has helped thousands of families and especially their older relatives stay connected and engaged.
Any senior user, irrespective of their digital ability can easily use Breezie to do video calls, read books, listen to music, watch YouTube, Netflix and keep track of their physical health and mental wellbeing. Basically everything a normal computer can do, but without the complexities.

Rental option
Buying option


Once we receive your signed paperwork we aim to have your services setup within five business days, subject to stock levels.


There is no minimum length of time to have the service active, unless minimum contract period is specified. Service charges will stop when we receive the cancellation notice. However, if equipment is leased fees will continue until all equipment has been returned. For more details see section 9 in the Terms of Use.


Please keep the equipment in good condition by dusting and cleaning regularly to prevent dust and dirt building up.


The system only requires a free powerpoint. Our solutions operate on mobile networks and it is not required to connect to your home phone. If you’re not sure, please feel free to contact us and we can help assess your situation.


All prices are exclusive of GST, and subject to change due to hardware, software license and SIM mobile plans variations

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