Emergency Pendant Advanced


Smart Alerting Device

A nicely designed Fall Detector

The latest in innovative, wearable, emergency devices for detecting falls and signaling emergency situations when used with a Care@Home™ platform solutions. When pressed it will activate an emergency call to a professional monitoring centre allowing timely assistance to the person in distress.

Multi-function device providing:

Lightweight, wearable Panic button alert device, attached to the lanyard

Fall detection, highest accuracy for real fall scenario detection, industry wide

Useable both indoors and outdoors (within reception but industry leading high RF range)

With optional Active service, extends coverage away from home premises

LED indication of alarm-in-progress and reception status

Alert notification sent to the monitoring station via the control panel for emergency situations


Residents can continue living an active life safe in the knowledge that they are protected in the event of an unfortunate fall. This is the future of Personal Alarms.

Size (cm)
Battery life
4 x 1.2
5 years