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5 Significant Smart Care Technology Benefits For Elderly And Their Loved Ones


From exposure to advertising to watching movies, consumers have been told that the future will be more convenient for them. Over the years on the screen we have watched futuristic scenes people remotely controlling the washing machine while having a snack with their friends or how a cup of hot coffee was awaiting in the kitchen. Finally fiction is becoming reality.


1. Voice Control

2018 was all about voice activation and smart home connected devices. It is not surprising as all major technology players are launching voice activation products combined with artificial intelligence to bridge the gaps between technology and human interaction. In the field of safety for seniors, the applications of voice can facilitate the elderly to use technology in a more seamless way. In terms of independent living, voice assistant can help you manage anything from your power consumption, controlling the lighting or prompting you what to do with with your persistent high humidity issue just by saying a few words.

2. Focus on monitoring

As life alert monitoring has gained importance to reduce the risk of emergency situations, the industry of the smart care technology have focused on providing alliances to offer a wide spectrum of products to protect elderly, their families and their residence. Some providers are already offering end-to-end solutions that also include services and technical assistance so the elderly gets a complete monitoring service.

3. Ambient Assisted Living

Care technology supports the independence and quality of life of seniors. The ageing population trend along Europe, North America and Japan overall has motivated the accelerated development of these technologies. The main aims are twofold: reduce the cost of elder care and avoid drastic injury and illness. “The seamless nature of smart home technology, and the wide range of sensors, from water and moisture meters, smoke alarms, to humidity to CO2 sensors and motion detectors can easily serve dual-purpose in an independent living environment” according to IoTGN are some of the examples of how technology innovation can aid health and well-being in aged people.

4. Convenience

A system that connects and centralises all your home’s devices and content and automating its control is already here. However it is quite complex. Choosing the right provider –one that creates a seamlessly integrated ecosystem of smart devices– allows consumers to remotely control their systems of care, security, electricity, lights, sound, climate, etc. with a simple user experience. This ideal is likely to become a standard feature for independent living elderly as their loved ones begin to understand the benefits and integration becomes simpler and cheaper.

5. Cost Reduction

There is a lot of talk surrounding smart care products’ potential to reduce the effort of care but also cost power consumption and reduce one’s energy bill. However, there are other ways in which a smart technology can realise a return on investment and long term financial benefit for consumers. For example, both energy providers and insurers are beginning to incentivise customers by encouraging installation of certain technologies and smart sensors that can reduce energy production costs for the former and payouts from water and fire damage in the case of the latter.

A study published by Statista early this year indicates that the percentage of satisfaction among the smart home consumers along 2017 was pretty high. The 44% declared to be highly satisfied and a further 48% of the consumers consulted affirmed to be rather satisfied with their home automation systems. Despite there is still a path to be walked until the smart home technology explodes to reach its potential, manufactures, care providers, elderly and their loved ones altogether might have found the balance that benefits all of them for the first time.



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