We supply a wide range of medical equipment, including mobility solutions for both short and long term periods. Call us now for a quote: 1800 899 329

Mobility Aids & Health Equipment

Our range of medical
equipment include:


  • Supplemental oxygen

  • Ventilators

  • Oximetry devices

  • Portable life support ventilators

  • Nebulizers and compressors

Our range of mobility solutions include:


  • Wheelchair lifts

  • Bath lifts

  • Bed rails

  • Sleep support like slide sheets, sheepskins, tri-pillows, and pressure relieving mattresses.

  • Vehicle adaptations

  • Scooter rental

  • Wheelchair rental 

  • Crutches, walking frames, sticks

  • quadruped walkers

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We deal only with high quality products from the most respected manufacturers. All products are installed by a team of fully trained engineers. Contact us now for a quote >> 

eHomeCare believes the best quality of life is achieved by living healthy and safely in the familiar comfort of one's own community for as long as possible. This lifestyle choice can be supported by smart care technology solutions to complement other aged and health care services. eHomeCare designs these solutions. 

Camberwell, Australia