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​People prefer to live in the familiar comfort of their own home. This is possible more than ever before.


eHomeCare redefines the landscape of care at home, by offering a flexible and affordable blend of in-home and remote care options that meet and adapt to a person’s particular need. Our technology-assisted blended care approach is driving the future of home healthcare.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve the best quality of life possible. We understand that one solution does not fit every situation, so we take the time to listen and learn about needs and preferences.

eHomeCare Services


Care consultation

Assessing your needs and planning the future



Companionship services to provide a peace of mind

Safety & Security

Delivering our wide range of direct care services


Flexible & affordable remote care to reduce the number of home visits

Care Consultation

5 steps to an effective care plan
Step 1: Discuss your needs

Start the process by discussing your needs with family, neighbours and friends, to learn what is important to you. Ask assistance from an independent care consultant or alternatively, call us.

Step 2: Plan your future/set your goals

Look at the range of options available for support. We can help you and your family to identify these support areas, together we can map out a care plan to meet the needs.

Step 3: Organise services and support

We can assist you in choosing the right providers from our extensive network of service partners to get your services and support organised, as regular or one-off services.

Step 4: Receive services and support

Live independently. We will ensure that you receive the range of services and support outlined in your care plan, and regularly check that the quality of these services is meeting your needs and adjust them as you request, or when your circumstances change.

Step 5: Check your progress

Enjoy family and friends and be part of the broader community. We review the progress of your services with you and your chosen network. We will revisit your goals and adjust your plans if required.


eCompanion Care

Ideal for people living alone

Companion care is ideal for people who would otherwise spend a large part of the day alone and who require some light assistance. It enables safe and independent living at home. 

eCompanion Care offers companionship and conversation for emotional support by friendly home-based care companions that 'connect’ remotely. They keep daily a watchful eye out, remind of daily medications or outside temperature changes, maintain the care agenda, making appointments, and discuss topics of interest.


It functions as an extra set of eyes and feet for your loved one. Family members can work or handle other activities knowing their loved one isn't left alone, providing a peace of mind. This is where affordable home care starts...


Independent living with Home Help

We make our wide range of Home Help services easy to access. Together we combine the ones that suit the care needs of our clients and their families:

Personal Care
Personal Care, home care
Domestic Assistance
Domestic assistance, home care, enabling independent living
Shopping & Meals
Shopping & Meals, home care, enabling independent living
Transport, home care, enabling independent living
Garden & Home maintenance
Garden & Home maintenance, home care
Allied Health
Home care, enabling independent living
Home Nursing
Home nursing, home care, enabling independent living
Pet Care
Pet care, home care, enabling independent living
Social events
Social events, home care, enabling independent living
Respite Care
Respite Care, home care, enabling independent living
Mobility aids
mobility aids, home care, enabling independent living
Companion Care
Enabling independent living with Companion Care
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Empowering Care Technology

eHomeCare has developed a set of Home Healthcare services called TeleHomeCare; new, flexible and affordable innovative solutions to improve Healthcare at home. Clients are monitored efficiently and effectively in the comfort of their own community.

The services enable eHomeCare to guarantee a peace of mind at all times and deliver the client more value for money. So better care at lower cost!


This can be achieved by observing behaviours in the daily lives of people living at home with e.g. dementia, heart disease, COPD, physical limitations or mental disorders. Service examples are:

  • Activity monitoring

  • Remote sensors at home

  • Wearable sensors for e.g. Diabetes or Asthma

  • Electronic Medication management

  • Automated pill dispensing systems



“My family [member] has experienced a traumatic injury. I was attempting to do it all by myself and finally reached the point of being overwhelmed. I contacted eHomeCare and they were at my house the next day! All the little and big things I could not find the time to do are now taken care of. Now I have the assurance that I can go to work and know that I have experienced, licensed professionals taking care of my family. Always on time, honest, professional, trustworthy, hard working, articulate and caring. I feel now that eHomeCare is an extension of my family. I trust them. I need them. They are here for me.”                


Why is the eHomeCare approach successful?

More Value for Money

Our use of new telecare technologies enables us to deliver better care at lower cost.

Relationships matter

Warm relationships are formed with our eCompanions as talking to familiar people improves people’s connection and wellbeing.


Objective advise & advocacy to compare providers and care services options to enable real choice.


Our clients actively participate in providing feedback and so indirectly partner with us in designing & improving our services.

Responsive Support

Easy to deal with across all touch points leading to an effortless customer experience with high satisfaction levels.


Outcome focused with measurable results. Client information such as quantity and cost of services used transparantly presented.

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Is eHomeCare right for you?

We have achieved the best results with clients who are challenged with some aspects of living at home and:

  • have carers/family who need re-assurance that a daily eye is kept on their loved one when they can’t,

  • have like/need immediate service and companionship without being on the (MyAgedCare) waitinglist,

  • have no eligibility requirements,

  • receive no or limited funding for home/disability care from the government and choose to fund services privately,

  • are waiting, or do not want, to have their health or income assessed,

  • just value a better quality journey!

Better Care Starts with You!

eHomeCare believes the best quality of life is achieved by living healthy and safely in the familiar comfort of one's own community for as long as possible. This lifestyle choice can be supported by smart care technology solutions to complement other aged and health care services. eHomeCare designs these solutions. 

Camberwell, Australia