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Case Management & Planning

What is it?

Our experience providing in-home care enables us to work with you to identify what you might need now and into the future. Once you will have identified the areas of support you need to stay living at home and connected with the community, your care has to be planned and organised. Coordination of Home Help services is only one element of the equation. Some services may require an initial request from a referrer. Referrers include doctors, hospitals, schools, parents/families and related state government departments. Once services are delivered we regularly review your case to ensure they are still meeting your requirements and in the review process the goals might be revisited and plans adjusted.

How can we help?

Plan your future/set your goals: Once your needs are assessed for assisted living at home there are a range of options available for support. We can help you identify these support areas. We are different from most home care services in that we believe that the entire family is our client. Not only do we create care plans and provide services to the person needing assistance but we make sure we sit and work with the family to make sure that there is a healthy balance and environment for those family members charged with the primary care of the person needing assistance.

During this planning process we will ask you and their carer/nominated support person to tell us what is working well and what is not working as well. Together, we can map out a care plan to meet the needs.

Organise services and support: Once we have developed together the care plan, we will organise the services and support. We can assist you in choosing the right provider from our extensive network of service partners either as regular or one-off services. If you like to be served by your preferred gardener, cleaner or physiotherapist, we will arrange their service contract, coordinate the service delivery and arrange the payments.


Receive services and support: we will ensure that you receive the range of services and supports outlined in your care plan. We regularly check that the quality of these services is meeting your needs and adjust them as you request, and as your circumstances change. This will ensure that you receive the best service and support to build on your individual strengths and promote independence in your life.


Check your progress: We understand that you would like to remain living at home for as long as possible, enjoying family and friends and being part of the broader community. To that end we review the progress of your services with you and your chosen network. We will revisit your goals and adjust your plans to ensure they are meeting your requirements. This is another way for you to tell us what you would like and how you would like to be supported.

Case Management & Planning helps family and care-takers to spend less time organising support and keep their focus on their loved one.  Contact us now for a quote >> 

eHomeCare believes the best quality of life is achieved by living healthy and safely in the familiar comfort of one's own community for as long as possible. This lifestyle choice can be supported by smart care technology solutions to complement other aged and health care services. eHomeCare designs these solutions. 

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